The pantry WE make it!

Don't waste time, think about the holiday.

You thought you were already on vacation? But not. You just arrived in the marina, it makes a tremendous heat, backpacks and duffel bags are stacked on the trolley. The boat is moored, ready... but the real holiday has not yet begun.


Tips and delicacies

Grocery store, advice, ideas and culinary excellences with the Gastronautica, which helps you to organize the boat trip of your dreams.

La Gastronautica sailing holidays

It was sunset on a sunny day at the end of August 2013. At anchor in Pallinuro Bay we cradled ourselves into a state of absolute peace and satisfaction. That vacation happened almost by chance. After having spent an entire life in the hospitality and tourism sector, we tasted that experience for the first time in a sailboat. The unique moment, in the bay, together with the simplicity of lifestyle, struck a deep chord with us. We talked for a long time about the magnificent sensations we were experiencing, but didn’t ignore all the problems we ha had when looking for a sailboat. In addition, we had lost almost a whole day before completing all the boarding procedures and above all, and the most troublesome, the operation of filling the pantry: available space and cooling times, details which we knew nothing about. Then suddenly, it all became clear: we had to sharpen and refine the skills learned over the years in the tourism sector and throw ourselves into a new challenge.

This is how “La Gastronautica” began; but online provisioning was only the first step. The objective was to supply a complete consulting service that would protect beginners from errors in evaluation, limit waste and optimize the use of space.

Our mission is also to offer assistance before and after boarding, in your search for the proper boat and the best charter agreement, or in the choice of itineraries based on exploring foreign waters. Thanks to a network of specialized suppliers in many Italian marinas, who quickly took the opportunity to join the supply chain, the service is active at several levels. This is how it has grown into a magnet for targeted demand, and at the same time represents a distribution channel for available services and an online e-shop platform where exceptional products can be promoted. This way marinas, charter brokers, specialized nautical stores, but also delicatessens, hotels, restaurants, car rentals and every other service supplier in the areas adjacent to the tourist ports can become a privileged supplier and member of the circuit.

Two years after that hot August afternoon, it has turned out into reality and it allows its crews to have a more confidence during their sailing vacation, while enriching their experience with proposals and itineraries in the discovery of marvelous coasts and harbors.